Post Labor Day Reunion with Baldasti and Snow
September 5 to 9, 2006
Day 2 Nethercutt Picnic, and Day 3 Home Shots

Posted September 14, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

After touring both San Sylmar and the new Nethercutt Museum, Walt and Hazel found a nearby park in the valley where Hazel opened the magnificent picnic lunch she had prepared early in the morning while most of us were sleeping in.

Hazel digs into her magic food chest to bring forth lunch.

A bag of tortilla chips rounds the table.

Larger view of the park as we munch cookies for dessert

Continued conversation among Hazel, Walt, Lorraine, Mary and Dick

Walt drives to the freeway on our way back to the Baldasti mansion in Westlake Village.

After returning from a tour of the Reagan Library the next day, 
Herb took a few pictures around the Baldasti home.  This is the living room.

Interior part of living room viewed from the dining room

Family room, where we watched much of the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament

Game part of family room, viewed in direction opposite from that above

Mary relaxes in the rear garden after returning from the Reagan Library.

Up on the patio deck Dick does his favorite thing: a crossword puzzle.

He is soon joined by Walt, another crossword puzzle aficionado.  Mary continues reading in the background.

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