Post Labor Day Reunion with Baldasti and Snow
September 5 to 9, 2006
Day 2: Nethercutt Museums (concluded)

Posted September 12, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

After our guided tour of San Sylmar we walked directly across the street to take a self-guided tour of the recently opened Nethercutt Museum.  In the limited time available we skipped the rail car exhibit because we'd all seen the Railroad Museum in Old Town Sacramento.  Even more than in San Sylmar, I photographed only a small sampling of the hundreds of beautiful automobiles.  Most of the pictures are wide-angle shots taken from close up in the very limited space of roped-off aisles.

Nethercutt Museum on the right, San Sylmar out of view on the left.

1931 Bugatti

Bugatti side view -- I'd love to take this baby for a spin!
All the cars in both museum buildings are operating vehicles with current California license plates.

1930 Ruxton.  Ribbon is auto show first prize.

1921 Owen Magnetic, with more prizes.
Another, next on left, is partly disassembled to show its unique magnetic drive.

1930 Rolls-Royce, another prize

1928 Pontiac

1926 Minerva

1930 Cadillac

1933 Cadillac

1932 Cadillac

1904 Packard in row of antique cars

1904 Packard from another angle

1905 Franklin

1907 Westinghouse

1910 Royal Tourist

1910 Hudson

1911 Pope Hartford

1912 Unic

1923 Voisin

1923 Voisin from another angle

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