Rough and Ready
Fruit Jar Pickers
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Best Entertainment (and Free) in Nevada County Since 1999
Every Sunday Morning, 10 a.m. to Noon

Pictures taken April 20, 2008
Posted June 3, 2010
2010, Herbert E. Lindberg

Turn on your sound for their Columbus Stockade Blues


This was one of their last performances at the old "Opry Palace" in Rough and Ready, right on the Rough and Ready Hwy through town. They had to move to make room for construction of the new Rough and Ready Fire Station. They now play at the same time but at the Grange, 14550 Rough and Ready Hwy, across the street from the market.

The Fruit Jar Pickers' Sunday get-together is the best ongoing entertainment event in the Rough and Ready / Penn Valley region, if not the entire western Nevada County.  Just head up Rough and Ready road to the town before 10 a.m. any Sunday morning for two hours of sing along music, friendship and fun. The crowd spills outside the rustic hall before 10 a.m. so you may want to get there early.

It's difficult to hear distinct words (as least for me it is) in this song from their CD #3 because most of the voices are in the audience without microphones. But that's part of the charm of the whole affair, and the musicians are all very good.


We got there about 10 a.m. and folks were sitting outside the garage-type door.

The sign proclaims Pickers Palace.

We joined this group outside but then were invited inside to a couple of remaining seats.

Song books are available to sing along, guided by a woman holding up each song number as it plays.
Behind her is a U.S. map loaded with pins representing home towns of audience visitors.
I'm seated about half way back with my 200-mm (320-mm full-frame equavelent) SLR camera.

The best part is this talented group having lots of fun.

Instruments run the gamut from guitars, to banjos, bass fiddles, harmonicas, washboard rhythm and more.

Intimacy between musicians and sing-along audience is one of the charms of Pickers Palace.

These are folks who contribute their talents just to have fun.

Everyone sings except the mouth instrument players. The fellow in second row center in blue is the leader.


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