Rough and Ready
Fruit Jar Pickers
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Best Entertainment (and Free) in Nevada County
Every Sunday Morning, 10 a.m. to Noon

Pictures taken April 20, 2008
Posted June 3, 2010
2010, Herbert E. Lindberg

Turn on your sound for their Margaritaville

Back in Pickers Palace, with another Fruit Jar Pickers tune playing in page background (see above):

Closer view of upper left group

Ocarina (sweet potato), zither, harmonica, bass fiddle, and banjo in action

Appreciative horsewoman claps from spillover group outside Pickers Palace 

Horseplay to accompany Margaritaville

Serape from pretty lady

Now we're Mexican!

A chicken hat for the leader

Chicken hat for another player

This is way beyond Mexican as more join the fun.

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