Budapest With Tauck Tour,  Part 1 of 3

June 21,22, 2008
Posted October 16, 2012
2008-2012, Herbert E. Lindberg

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We spent most of the first Tauck Tour day gathering together with our tour group and getting on board our river boat (ship) M/S Swiss Sapphire. We were finally underway at dusk, glided down the river a short distance, and docked still in Budapest.

Buda Castle from our ship at dusk as we glided by shortly after boarding.

The next morning breakfast was served (cafeteria style, as were all meals) at 7:30 a.m. (and until 9 a.m. for late risers).  Immediately afterward we boarded buses (2) for a riding and walking tour of Budapest.  I took a few pictures from the bus as we rode past interesting buildings.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where granddaughter Nadia did early graduate work while at Princeton.

Still another picture of beautiful Buda Castle, but at an angle that shows its depth.

Saint Steven's Basilica, behind a commercial building

Saint Steven's a few seconds later as our motor coach continued by.

Forgot the name of this building and the many statues ornamenting its top.

Telephoto view of two of the many statues

Hero's square, with our two tour groups listening to guides.

Central statues and column

Close-up of towering statue

Horse-mounted heroic figures at the base of the column

Closer view of two of them.  Note the horned horse.

Tour group and statues in context

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