Autry National Center of the American West
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September 29, 2009
Posted November 23, 2009
2009, Herbert E. Lindberg

This page is part of a multi-tour visit with Walt and Hazel:

The walls of the inner courtyard are covered with murals of western characters and themes. I clicked my camera as I panned the central mural from left to right. You will recognize many of the characters and a few of the actors who played them.

Mural section 1 of 4

Mural section 2 of 4

Mural section 3 of 4

Mural section 4 of 4

A beautiful not-quite-full-scale model of a stagecoach

This room is filled with interesting artifacts. This dentist chair and drill caught my eye.
The wheel and foot pedal at lower right drives the cord that spins the drill. I remember those slow-speed drills -- shudder.

Dick and Walt lean against an ornate bar where Randolph Scott may have hoisted a few for the camera.

Part of a full-size scene of the "Shootout at the OK Coral"  A recorded narration tells the story.

Same scene, opposite side

Mannequin of Billy the Kid even looks like he's crazy.

Chuck wagon on the trail

Walt and I snap each other in the outer courtyard after our tour.

Mary and Hazel with the Gene Autry statue and center in the background.

Closer view -- still good looking chicks!

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