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October 1, 2009
Posted December 22,  2009
2009, Herbert E. Lindberg

This page is part of a multi-tour visit with Walt and Hazel:


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Small Child with creamy skin and beautiful hair

Bust of a Woman; Roman, made in Rome, A.D. 150-160 Marble

Few Roman portrait busts are as delicately carved and well preserved as this one. Although not identifiable as a member of the imperial family, the woman represented in this portrait was wealthy enough to employ one of the best sculptors of her time. The artist's skill is shown in the three different ways the surface of the marble is finished: textured for the hair, highly polished for the skin, and smooth for the clothing. The bust may have been placed in the family's household shrine. Its date is based on the similarity of the hairstyle to those of Faustina the Elder, wife of emperor Antoninus Pius (ruled A.D. 138-161), and Faustina the Younger, their daughter.

Note the similarity to modern actress Gwyneth Paltrow -- human features haven't changed much in 2000 years!

Head of Julia Titi; Roman, about S.D. 90, Marble and pigment

Gallery of male figures, busts, and heads. The floor style and colors were chosen by Getty himself.
(No time to examine these more fully)

Herb Garden
This is part of Getty's vision of an Italian villa. It includes an amazing number of spices.

Walt, Dick and Lorraine in the Herb Garden

Hazel and Mary

Hazel and Mary, closer

Lorraine and Mary in a shaded spot at the end of the herb garden

Reflecting Pool and Colonnades behind the museum
(Herb garden is on the left, behind the colonnade and hidden concrete wall.)

Off center view

Achilles, about to run along side the pool

Off center from the other side

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