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October 2, 2009

Posted May 27, 2010
2010  Herbert E. Lindberg

Closer view of the pump organ (note tilted pedals at base)

Dining room.  Fireplace on the far wall, side board at right.

Kitchen, with cheerful light through windows, next to dining room opposite side board wall

Parting view of Hale House as we proceeded up the street

Valley Knudsen Garden Residence, built 1883-1884 (the guide didn't take us into this house)

Lincoln Avenue Methodist Church, cornerstone laid September 21, 1897.  Restoration not yet completed.

Closer view of beautiful church steeple and spire

Guide tells of church, with the John J. Ford house in the background

Lorraine & Dick, Mary, Hazel & Walt, guide, Herb taking picture

Modest home of John J. Ford, renown wood carver.  Built 1888; many examples of his work
inside and out. His carvings adorn the California State Capital and Leland Stanford's private railroad car.

Elaborate carvings on the interior frame of the front window

More carvings, on the fireplace mantle (plus children's dioramas from a local school)

Longfellow-Hastings Octagon House, 1893 (internal maintenance in progress during our visit)

Happy visitors at the Palms Depot (park headquarters): Herb & Mary front;  Dick & Lorraine, Hazel & Walt back row

Crop in for closer view
How relaxed can you get?  (Mary is not as plump as she appears to be in this picture; Herb's paunch is real.)

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