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2012 Barbara Heninger

The photographs here were taken by our daughter Barbara Heninger, with permission given to post them here and also in a slide show.  I've designed these pages such that when you click on a photo the larger version used in the slide show (sometimes much larger) opens in a separate tab where you can view it and, if desired, download it by right-clicking on the image and following the option indicated in the resulting drop-down menu.  You will probably want to return to this page by closing the added tab, so as to not have too many active tabs.  Barbara releases the photos to you for any non-commercial use.

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30-year Navy veteran and Nevada County Supervisor Nate Beason expresses thanks to Brandon.

Fred Buhler, Founder, Friends of Nevada County Military

Ruby Foster presents a patriotic quilt to Brandon.

Navy Captain Cap Wallington thanks Brandon for his service to his country.

Jay Cooper addresses the audience.

Rapt audience

More clapping and cheering.

Coast Guard Commander Claude Hessel salutes Brandon after thanking him.

Vietnam Veteran Dick Corn


Veteran Pete Vasalakus


Pete also gives sincere thanks to Brandon's mother Laura Cummins.


CHP Officer Justin Barnthouse, Grass Valley, CA


Penn Valley Fire Department Chief Gene Vander Plaats, with some of his firemen in the background.


Chaplain Jeff Alaways says a prayer for Brandon.


More of the audience.


More homemade welcome signs


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