Mathematics in Plant Growth


A Remark on Books

One of my son Craig's girl friends (she is a girl and a friend, but not a girlfriend -- Craig is married to someone else!) remarked that she found it amazing that the book at the top of my list of authored books is on applied mathematics while the next and most recent book is on wildflowers, a completely "different area".  I didn't find the two books that different in interest but didn't say why.  Recently I came across work by Vi Hart that might explain why, through an exploration of the mathematics of plant growth.  Below is this part of her work.


 Fibonocci Numbers in Plant Growth, Part 1


Fibonocci Numbers in Plant Growth, Part 2


Fibonocci Numbers in Plant Growth, Part 3


Click here to delve more deeply into the mathematics and see numerical examples.

Click here for Vihart's complete list of videos.

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