Crystal Hermitage Tulip Open House
Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Herb Lindberg

Continue down stairs toward lower terraces and chapel.

A broad upper terrace.

Stairs down to the chapel.


This is an ideal spot for 3D pictures but people continued to come and go in the field of view.  I take two pictures with the camera shifted about 3 inches sideways from the first to the second.  People move in the few seconds between shots, which messes up the stereo image.  I waited for several minutes but the spot never cleared of people.  I took the following pair anyway, to show the problem and give at least some of the 3D picture I wanted.  (The note on free viewing of 3D pictures is repeated at the bottom of this page.)

Here's a picture free of movement but it doesn't include the stairs and their 3D drama.


The chapel seats as many as 50 and, together with the grounds, is perfect for weddings.

More complete view of the novel ceiling timbers and chandelier.

Tulips and South Yuba River gorge.


Below is the same picture with its 3D partner.  Now you can see that the tulips are terraced down the slope.

A stunning view of tulips and the river gorge far below.

The view is even more stunning when you can actually see the hillside levels and individual blossoms in the foreground.


A few statues appear here and there to add beauty without being tacky.

Same statue, another view.

Spectacular beauty and tulip display at the colonnade.

3D version of part of the same scene.  Now you can see that the path on the left is terraced far below the upper tulip bed.


Note on 3D Viewing (repeated from previous page):

If you've never free-viewed 3D pictures

To see the picture pairs in 3D on this and following pages, look toward the central line between the pair and let your eyes relax as though looking through the screen. As your eyes relax the pictures begin to overlap. When they overlap completely the center of your two-eye vision becomes a single picture in 3D.  Ignore what you see on either side of the 3D picture with your peripheral vision.  Focus your attention on the center image and gaze around and perhaps blink your eyes until a 3D picture pops into view.  Return to 3D picture.

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