Crystal Hermitage Tulip Open House
Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Herb Lindberg

Look back at stairs to the Crystal Hermitage main buildings.

Roofed walkway along the refreshment wing of the Crystal Hermitage Dome building (previous stairs are out of the picture on the left).

Background music was provided by a piano in the Crystal Hermitage Dome building.


Lower Garden and Gazebo, next to refreshment wing.

Closer view of the Gazebo.

Visitors check out the Gazebo interior.


3D version of the Gazebo.

Pool behind the Tea Garden, with bridge leading to the Lower Garden and Gazebo.


Shades of purple and pink -- creative planting by volunteers.

Refreshment Wing and Tea Garden.  Crystal Hermitage Dome at far left.

Parting close-up of tulips and pansies as we climbed the stairs to the cart Cliff used to get us back to our car.
(We had mistakenly parked behind a rental unit, far and uphill from Crystal Hermitage Gardens.)

Ananda is a worldwide organization and maintains several interconnected websites.  The most pertinent here is Ananda Village.  I urge you to prowl through a few of these sites, particularly now because its founder, Swami Kriyananda recently died at 86 years old in Assisi, Italy, and his followers throughout the world are mourning his passing and celebrating his life with interesting posts to these websites.

Followers at Amanda Village are very artistic and talented so you will find photo, video, musical and spiritual material at the website which will carry you far beyond what you've learned from my quick photos here.

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