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Smaller 3D Picture Pairs

April 14, 2013
Posted April 17, 2013

2013 Herbert E. Lindberg

I've added this page of smaller versions of the 3D picture pairs for those who have difficulty in bringing the pairs into superposition for the 3D effect, or have computer screens with pixel pitches significantly smaller than 100 pixels per inch (and hence larger pictures).  There are nine picture pairs on the main page.  Here are 75% reduced-size versions.











If you've never free-viewed 3D pictures

To see the picture pairs on this page in 3D, look toward the central line between the pair and let your eyes relax so they look beyond the screen. As your eyes relax the pictures begin to overlap. When they overlap completely the center of your two-eye vision becomes a single picture in 3D.  Ignore what you see on either side of the 3D picture with your peripheral vision.  Focus your attention on the center image and gaze around until a 3D picture pops into view. 

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