Nevada City Soap Box Derby
June 22, 2013  --  Page 2 of 3

2013 Herbert E. Lindberg

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Car 911, Team SNMH Scrub Team, took 1st in the art category and had an average speed of 31 mph.

Car 38, Team Mr. Potatohead, 8th in art, came down at a leisurely 21 mph.

Still coming.

Car 4 lags behind as this pair approaches the finish line at 40 mph.

Its driver is wearing a helmet, so his Team Code 4 buddies won't have to arrest him.

Car 169, Team Non-Linear, 3rd in art category, looks good at 30 mph.

Car 8, Team Explodes on Impact!, zooms by at 39 mph, good for 6th place overall.

Yes, those are wheel chair wheels on this car. Couldn't catch his number.

Car 75, Team Experienced Aviation Aces, 4th place for art, looks good coming down.

He zooms by as Snoopy's scarf flaps in the breeze.


At this point I walked down to the pit area so I could see the cars before Heat 2.  I include eventual race results in the captions.
In the Car 44 pit, Team Grass Valley Four Wheelers, the car looked clean and sharp.
It eventually averaged 31 mph for all three heats.


Car unknown but looks sharp with its wheelchair wheels.


Car 911, Team SNMH Scrub Team, 1st in art, 15th in speed at a respectable 31 mph for the three heats.


Car 911, Close-up of wheelchair driver's seat complete with IV bag and drip line.


Car 708, Team The Curious Forge, 6th in art, 24 mph (and 1st in gaudy! -- I loved it).


Car 708, close-up of bric-a-brac at the front end.


Car 708, close-up of rear end.


Car 48, Team Dave's Black Diamond Service, 7th in art, a respectable 27 mph speed.


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