Nevada City Soap Box Derby
June 22, 2013  --  Page 3 of 3

2013 Herbert E. Lindberg

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Car 22, Team Two-Two Ensemble Designs, 9th in art, 24 mph.
This was among my favorites -- obviously no engineers or scientists were among the art judges.

Car 22, close-up of cockpit and front end.

Car 38, Mr. Potatohead, moving into its pit area.

Car 75, Team Experienced Aviation Aces, another of my favorites, 4th in art.

Car 26, Team Stink Bug, 22nd in speed at 24 mph.

Car 26, rear view.

Car 13, Team Kentucky Flat Preschool, 21st in speed at 21 mph.

I could mistake this woman for my sister, Larue, in a quick glance.

Quick shot of a car near the NC Chamber of Commerce tent.  A real looker!

Two cars follow in the same triad, also very good looking, especially the hot rod on the left.


Large numbers of people enjoyed the shade on the hill next to the pool where the NC CoC had their tent.


The NC CoC tent, which was very popular on the other side where wine and beer were served.


View toward the race from the NC CoC tent.


Cars lined up next to the curb behind the start line at the top of the race hill.
The car on the right is the hot rod shown in Heat 2 a few pictures back.


More cars being pulled up the hill for the 3rd and last heat before the finals.  Yes, Car 48 is a hot tub!


More cars lined up at the curb for Heat 3.


Best shot of Car 75, Team Experienced Aviation Aces.


Couldn't resist another shot of Snoopy's WW I airplane.  It's a beauty and flies down the hill.


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