Bob Lindberg, October 22, 1926 -- September 29, 2006
Memorial Celebration;  Sunday, October 22, 2006
Events From October 21 to 24, 2006
Fall Color on and near Downey Place, Aurora, IL

Posted November 1, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

As Mary and I (Bert, a.k.a. Herb) packed for the trip to Aurora, I tossed my Canon SD 450 Elph into my cloth folder-carrier on general principles.  I'm certainly glad I did because the fall colors in Aurora were beautiful, and a few other photo opportunities arose before and after the memorial.  Daughter Barbara did more serious photography in The Healy Chapel before the memorial service and in Dennis and Susanne's home immediately after the memorial.  I've posted selections from Barbara's pictures on three more pages in this four-page group.

These pages of relatively large images are best viewed with your browser in full-screen mode (hit F11 in Internet Explorer and then F11 again after viewing to return to your normal mode).

Mary chats with Dennis as he mows the lawn and mulches leaves Saturday morning.

Shelby, Dennis, and Eric during the search for photos to be mounted on poster boards

Sharon did most of the final sort and mounting onto three boards.

Maddie joined in deciding photo layout.

Sunday morning, Barbara, Mary and I accompanied Susanne as she walked Bella around the neighborhood.

We were greeted by a display of color just a short distance west along Downey Place.

Monday morning, Doug, Susanne and I walked Bella along Downey Place to the center of Aurora.
As we returned a train passed by just before we got to Susanne's home.  I'm told this is a rare event.

The picture above is the first frame of an inadvertent movie (I flipped the mode switch as I
pulled the camera out of its case).  The picture here is the best I could do after detecting my error.

Bella, Susanne and Doug not far west of the railroad tracks.

Crop into the above picture

Susanne, Bella and Doug with a canopy of fall color

Crop into the canopy picture above

More color on a solo walk Monday morning

A carpet of leaves highlights this fall color shot looking east just east of Dennis and Susanne's.

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