Bob Lindberg, October 22, 1926 -- September 29, 2006
Memorial Celebration;  Sunday, October 22, 2006
Events From October 21 to 24, 2006
Ceremony and Reception, Part 1 of 3

Posted November 1, 2006
Photos courtesy of Barbara Heninger

The memorial service was held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at The Healy Chapel, less than a mile on Downer Place toward central Aurora from Dennis and Susanne's home.  Immediately afterward all were invited to a reception at Dennis and Susanne's.  Barbara Lindberg took pictures at both events and posted 80 of them at  

Thirty five of these are posted here on three web pages.  Out of respect, at The Healy Chapel Barbara took pictures only during the informal first hour during which everyone was encouraged to circulate, renew acquaintances, and set the stage for sharing memories about Bob from the lectern.  Bob's daughter Sharon, brother Bert, Granddaughters Maddie and Jessica, and niece Barbara each spoke from prepared notes.  Bert and Barbara also read thoughts communicated to them by email from family members living in California.  Picture captions below serve as introductions of Chicago relatives to  Californians, who probably haven't seen them in years.

Speaker stage and lectern at The Healy Chapel

Jessica, Maddie, and Jessica's friend Sydney Schnable look at one of three boards of photos.

The same trio at the lectern: Jessica, Maddie, Sydney behind Maddie

Bob's former wife, now Sandy Bottoms, mother of Bob's four loving children, holds great grandson Bryce Brown.
Great grandson Cameron talks with his mother Stephanie (daughter of Susanne) while Meg Uttich also listens.

Sharon's son Declan sits on father Kevin O'Mara's lap.

Refreshment and catered Mexican food was served at Dennis and Susanne's home.
Sharon's husband Kevin O'Mara, friends Jeff & Mary Beth Shepard, and Sharon in the living room.

Mary Lindberg and Bob & Sandy's son Doug Lindberg share moral support.

Doug and Tanya's second daughter Maddie displays flowers from The Healy Chapel memorial service.

Kevin O'Mara's nephew, Scott Shepard, at the Mexican food buffet.

Jessica and Maddie laugh as they eat in the basement remodeled by Dennis.

Sandy and her first daughter Susanne at the dining room table.

Susanne and her first daughter Stephanie, who made Susanne a grandmother!
Cameron, Matthew and Bryce are Stephanie's three boys with Parish Brown.  Parish had to work this day.

Bob and Sandy's daughters Sharon and Julia.

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