Bob Lindberg, October 22, 1926 -- September 29, 2006
Memorial Celebration;  Sunday, October 22, 2006
Events From October 21 to 24, 2006
Ceremony and Reception, Part 2 of 3

Posted November 1, 2006
Photos courtesy of Barbara Heninger

Susanne lights candles on cake for Bob's 80th birthday on this day of the memorial.

Who's going to blow out the candles?

Declan, Cameron (mostly hidden), Matthew, Jessica, and Maddie are all blowing.

Jake gets in the act for the last candle.

Declan and Matthew dig into their cake.

Jessica, Bert, and Dan Bottoms eat cake while Phil Waleski drinks beer.

Declan, Matthew and Cameron eat cake while Julia's daughter Hanna holds Bryce.

Matthew and Cameron do some serious cake eating.

Bryce enjoys a bite of cake from his grandmother Susanne.

With cake eating finished it's time for a pillow fight in the basement.

As usual, the boys beat up on the pretty girl, Jessica in this case.

Older kids on the couch: Julia's daughter Hanna is on the left, next to Kevin Giron. 
At right is Dennis and Susanne's daughter Shelby with friend Matt McConnell.

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