Bob Lindberg, October 22, 1926 -- September 29, 2006
Memorial Celebration;  Sunday, October 22, 2006
Events From October 21 to 24, 2006
Ceremony and Reception, Part 3 of 3

Posted November 1, 2006
Photos courtesy of Barbara Heninger

Later, Hanna pretends to chug wine while Amanda writes.

As the evening wears on, Jessica looks at 3D pictures in a Magic Eye book.

Bert enjoys the pictures, too.

Doug's wife Tanya, at right, with best friend Yvette Bowling.

Kevin O'Mara and his daughter Amanda.

Mary, Maddie with her mother Tanya, and Mary's daughter Barbara Heninger.

Same group, another take.

Barbara took this family group shot (plus Phil Waleski) as the evening drew to a close.

Kevin O'Mara switched positions with Barbara for this shot.  Mary is hiding behind Amanda and Julia.

Susanne helps Matthew with his jacket as everyone headed home.

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