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September 5, 2007

Posted September 8, 2007

It's the first week of September, so it's again time to spend a few days with old friends who met as Hughes Fellows at Culver City in 1952 and 1953.  Our visitors arrived only minutes apart on Tuesday afternoon, September 4.  After a leisurely breakfast and coffee on the deck the next morning, we were off to Old Sacramento to cruise down the Sacramento River on the Spirit of Sacramento.

After our oven destroyed Mary's special macadamia nut French toast, we all pitched in to make a substitute breakfast.
Walt supervises Dick as he fries scrambled eggs.

Herb joins in to supervise Walt.  Never any lack of supervisors with this group.

Here's what was left of Mary's beautiful macadamia nut French toast after the temperature control failed
and shot the temperature above 500F.  This automatically locked the oven door and consumed the toast.

Here we approach Tower Bridge on Front Street in Old Sacramento.

Tower Bridge formed a nice backdrop as we waited to board the Spirit of Sacramento.

Cropped in a bit closer.

Herb joined in as a fellow from Minnesota took our picture.

Walt and Hazel, with the Tower Bridge height gage in back of them.

The paddle wheel is fake, but the boat cruised nicely.

This is a real paddle wheel on the Delta King, but the boat is permanently moored as a hotel.

Side view of the Delta King

Old Sacramento fades into the distance as we begin our cruise upriver.
It was a smoky day because of a large fire in the Plumas forest.

The I Street bridge begins to swing open as we approach.

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