Visit by Walt & Hazel and Dick & Lorraine
Page 2 of 3, Continuation of cruise on the Sacramento River
September 5, 2007

Posted September 8, 2007

Central pedestal and control shack of the I Street bridge.

Bridge operator comes out to watch us pass.

People in small boats were also having fun.

The view aft as the bridge begins to swivel back into position for cars and trains.

This wakeboarder passed back and forth several times.

We're not sure what this is, but rumor was it houses automatic river surveillance equipment.

The bridge over the American River (clear-water) as it joins the Sacramento River (muddy-water).
The fishing boats are anchored in place as the Sacramento River flows by.

Restaurants and high life along the river.  We were told this is a popular hangout for state politicians.

Closer view of boats anchored along the docks.

Two monster house boats.  The lettering at mid ship on the first boat is "Life is Good."

This monster speed boat left its docking spot at Crawdad's restaurant and slowly passed us.

When everyone on the Spirit of Sacramento was looking, they gunned their several hundred horsepower
engines and soon disappeared into the distance upriver.

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