Lake Wildwood Christmas 2007
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December 26, 2007

Posted January 6, 2008

As is custom, Christmas at the Herb and Mary Lindberg home in Lake Wildwood was spread over several days shortly after Christmas Day.  Andy and Barbara arrived with Nadia and Maddie in late afternoon on Wednesday, December 26, after a 5-hour trip from Los Altos in heavy traffic.  Craig, Jodie and Tyler were still in the Bay Area visiting Jodie's family and would arrive on Friday, December 28.  We decided to open presents as each family arrived rather than waiting until all were together on Friday.
Andy, Barbara and Nadia relax after their long trip and before dinner.

Maddie and her bean-filled best friend.

Mary serves vegetarian lasagna to Nadia.
Mary also had made turkey-hamburger lasagna for meat eaters. 

While waiting to open presents, Maddie and Nadia rocked back and forth in unison.

At peak amplitude in the other direction.

Judging by Nadia's grin after the rocking, she was the instigator.

Mary opens a big package from Herb.

It's a wall plaque -- what is the text?

The plaque a few days later, mounted above the entry door.

Nadia has opened a present from Mary.

The necklace and earrings look good on Nadia (as does most everything).

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