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August 3, 2007

Posted August 20, 2007
If Herb is in the picture, Harry took it.

The next day, Friday August 3, we were off to Deception Pass on what became a beautiful sunshine day.

Mary checks out the plaque and some history of Deception Pass (Harry picture).

Here's what she read:

We climbed down nearby stairs for a better look at the bridge.

It's an interesting arch-truss bridge, with a unique double abutment truss which follows the hillside contour.

The flying abutment from the other side, as Harry smiles.

Herb, back on the other side.

Then we had to climb back up the steep stairs to the roadway.

Mary and Carol look out over the pass from roadway level.

Closer picture.

Tour boat about to pass under the bridge.

Now past the bridge (Harry picture).

Another boat has passed under the bridge, in opposite direction (Harry picture).

Later in the day, boats were swarming under the bridge and into the sea beyond.

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