Visit with Harry & Carol Pagels
Sand Sculptures in Bellingham

August 4, 2007

Posted August 20, 2007

Saturday, there was a promotional "Sand in the City" show in Bellingham which we looked in on.  They had brought in a few truckloads of what turned out to be fairly coarse sand, mixed it with a bit of Portland cement, and plopped it around in piles in one of the boat harbor parking lots.  Groups of semi-professional sand carvers then made sculptures with various themes in about 12 ft. by 12 ft. plots.  They did reasonably well within these severe constraints, but nothing was amenable to attractive photographs because of these small plots, which left most of the picture being things around the parking lot and promotional signs.  Still, it was fun and Harry and I snapped a few pictures as a record of the show.

Two lions surrounded by many promotional tents.

Same lions, less background noise.

Maybe that's Davy Jones, tending a shipwreck in his locker.

One plot was still under construction, with three workers here and two with other portions of the theme.

Another angle.

Close-up by Harry.

Castle with mythical animal.

Penguins and igloo, blatantly sponsored by Comcast.  Harrison Hot Springs it ain't.

Another shipwreck, with overflowing treasure chest.

Skeletons in same theme.

More skeletons on other side of bow (Harry picture).

Harry snapped this to show we were there.  Nice shot.

Memorial to Whatcom County fishermen lost at sea, at the other side of the harbor.

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