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August 7, 2007

Posted August 22, 2007
If Herb is in the picture, Harry took it.

Bellingham weather had been beautiful and sunny, and the forecast was for more on the same, so Tuesday we headed up to see Mt. Shucksan and Mt. Baker.  As we drove we could see clouds and overcast up in the mountains, but several people on the way assured us that it would burn off by noon as it had for the previous several days.  Wrong!  When we arrived at Mirror Lake, Mt. Shucksan was behind heavy clouds and it was 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  We drove to the picnic area that overlooks Bagley Lakes, but when we got out of the car the cold wind almost blew us away.  

So we headed back down the mountain to have our picnic at our old standby, Douglas Fir Park.

We passed this waterfall along the road near Bagley Lakes.

A closer view shows the prism-shaped rocks which make up the entire scene and are common in this area.

Two rafts of adventurers floated down the Nooksack just after we arrived at the Douglas Fir Park picnic area.

This assemblage of color greeted us as we walked upriver after eating our fried chicken and potato salad.

Stairway just upstream of the Mt. Baker Highway bridge,
used by the rafting parties to access the Nooksack.

One of many rocks which create swirling flow of the mighty Nooksack.

Harry climbed down for a closer view of the raging river.

Moss-covered trees make for a beautiful trail.

Sunlit leaves are an interesting contrast to the mossy trees.

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