Sunday Brunch at Rainbow Lodge
Sunday, February 10, 2008

Posted February 11, 2008

We've had nearly continuous rain in Lake Wildwood and snow in the mountains up until a week ago when the sun came out, the winds died down, and now it's getting warmer.  I wanted to get up to the snow sooner but I know Mary gets very nervous riding on snowy roads, so with the roads clear and dry we decided to drive up to Rainbow Lodge for their famous Sunday Brunch.  It's about a 60-mile drive from Lake Wildwood: east on Rt. 20 through Grass Valley and Nevada City to Rt. 80, and then about 5 miles on 80 to the Rainbow Lodge turn-off.  Just a few hundred yards backtrack along the access road brought us to the South Yuba River and Rainbow Lodge.

Rainbow Lodge viewed from the bridge over the South Yuba River

View looking back at the lodge entrance just after we finished our yummy brunch.
You can see where they had to shovel notches in the snow in order to see out the windows.

Mary at the base of a mound of snow on the opposite side of the street.
That's one light of a giant snow plow embedded in five feet of snow.

A lady passing by took my picture with Mary, in the same spot.

Cabin behind and to the left of the Lodge, viewed from South Yuba River bridge.

Rock-strewn South Yuba River, from other side of the bridge.

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