This came in from Craig on Monday, April 8, 2008

I thought you might like to see the latest project up here at Casa De Nevada City. This is Jodie's Christmas Present, which I finally got around to doing.

Step 1:  Dig trenches for water and power.

Step 2:  Dig more trenches.  Why do my projects always have so much digging?

Step 3:  Pull rock out of ground so big that Tyler can sit in the
hole (the rock is to the right and behind us in front of the tree).

Step 4:  Dig level area for greenhouse with retaining wall too and, of course, a trench around it for the aluminum foundation.  Dig-dig-dig.  See Craig dig.  Craig is sick of dirt.

Step 5:  Build cheesy stuff for electrical and water hook-up.  We sure hope Mr. building inspector doesn't notice our underground wire doesn't go through conduit (it's designed to go right in the dirt, but this is California).

Step 6:  Dig another big hole and install irrigation switches and such.

Step 7:  Build greenhouse wall and attach to foundation.  This is supposed to require 3 people, but it's more interesting to do it by yourself (picture a lot of C-clamps and other precarious inventions to hold things together).

Step 8:  Install greenhouse ribbing.  Pray that the whole thing doesn't fall apart from a slight breeze.
Step 9:  Install more greenhouse ribbing.  Looks like it hasn't fallen down yet.  Hurray!
Step 10:  Install polyurethane panels.  Swear and cuss trying to get them in by yourself.
Step 11:  Install tons more panels, bolt the ribs to the foundation, attach the rear wall, try not to think about how tired you are getting.
Step 12:  Add doors and windows.  Discover the door doesn't open because the ground in front of it goes uphill.  Time to dig some more!
Step 13:  Fill in all the dirt around the foundation.  Put in all the weather stripping inside.  Almost done.  Hurray!
Step 14:  Tell the wife it's done.  Next year get her socks or underwear for Christmas.