Family Pictures at Harry and Carol's
Visit July 26 to August 2, 2008

Posted August 6, 2008

Our annual trip to Bellingham came none too soon this year.  Lake Wildwood has been in a heavy cloud of smoke from the hundreds of forest fires in Northern California ignited by lightning storms on June 21.  As we read the morning paper on July 25 during breakfast on the day we left for Bellingham, we learned that the massive fires in the Trinity National Forest had flared up again.  Our sky was heavy with smoke, but as we drove up Route 5 toward Redding it was so thick I couldn't see more than 1000 feet ahead of the car.  Mt. Shasta was completely hidden even as we passed close to it while winding through the mountains north of Redding.  It didn't begin to clear until we reached the California-Oregon border.

Our week in Bellingham was beautiful -- no smoke and temperatures from 60 to 75 degrees F.

On Monday, July 28, we visited Gloria and Pam in their new digs in Homer's old home.
net_015.jpg (136490 bytes)

Harry took pictures as we toured the living room ...
(Gloria, Herb, Pam, Mary, Carol)
net_008.jpg (113328 bytes)

... kitchen, and the rest of the house.
net_011.jpg (101478 bytes)

In addition to repainting and decorating the interior, they painted over Homer's ugly green exterior job.
net_016.jpg (153945 bytes)

Later, Steve and Sherrie came for a short visit.  Both are doing well in their Blaine home.
net_019.jpg (101739 bytes)

When Otto and Vern stopped by the next day they enjoyed the photo albums I had prepared for Harry and Carol.
Here, Otto is looking at the album spanning family visits from 1963 through 2007.
net_028.jpg (97043 bytes)

Meanwhile, Mary helped Vern look at the 52nd Wedding Anniversary album I made for Mary.
net_030.jpg (65419 bytes)

Vern takes a closer look.
net_027.jpg (92896 bytes)

On Tuesday, Otto treated us to breakfast at IHOP, as per tradition.
After eating, Mary moved over to chat with Vern.
net_7516.jpg (102851 bytes)

Vern and Mary pose for a face-on picture.
net_7522.jpg (112282 bytes)

Otto joins in.
net_7523.jpg (106647 bytes)

I was very happy when Diane stopped by with Jessica later in the week.
net_8986.jpg (80455 bytes)

Another grouping.
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