Trip to Mt. Baker Area
Monday, July 28, 2008

Posted August 7, 2008

The five-day weather forecast was for clouds and showers, so when we saw it was a beautiful sunny day we figured this was our best chance to see the mountains around Mt. Baker not obscured by clouds.  The drive out Mt. Baker Highway was beautiful and there were just enough clouds at the mountains to make the sky beautiful.
First stop was Picture Lake with Mt. Shuksan in the background.  Harry took this of me ...

... while I took this of Mary and Mt. Shuksan.

Harry then grouped Mary, Carol and me for this side-lit shot.

I reciprocated with this shot of Carol and Harry.

There were patches of colorful flowers all around Picture Lake.

Mary and Carol seated near the edge of Picture Lake

As we left Picture Lake loop we stopped for this more interesting shot of Mt. Shuksan with Mirror Lake in the foreground.

Then we drove farther to the ranger station and Visitor Center at Heather Meadows.

The view of Bagley Lakes and nearby mountains is spectacular.
Poking up through a cloud on the left is American Border Peak, on the Canadian border.
Scanning to the right, next comes Mt. Larrabee, and in the near background Goat Mountain.

Harry focused on me in this picture moments later.

Similar view, sans man-made structures.

Upon turning left not quite 180 degrees are these spectacular snow covered mountains.
Table Mountain is on the right, but Footstool Mountain (my name) on the left is more interesting.

View in roughly the same direction but from the Visitor Center

Near the Visitor Center are picnic tables where we had Southern Fried Chicken from Fred Meyers,
home-made potato salad by Carol, beer for the guys and wine for the gals.  Mmm, great finale to our mountain visit.

Top half of falls as we drove down the mountain.

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