Visit to Big Rock Park
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Posted August 7, 2008

Big Rock Park is only a five-mile drive up the hill east of Harry and Carol's home, so a quick visit is generally made during each trip to Bellingham.  It's a small park dedicated to displaying 3D art works.  This year there were a number of new statues to make our visit very enjoyable.  The park is tending more and more toward modern art, which doesn't always please Harry and Carol.
This was near the entrance.
When does machine shop become and art class?

This was nearby and closer to art than from weld shop.

It had a name but I didn't bother to read it.  Kinda interesting, though.
Hollow Haystack with Flowers?

My name: Cool Drummer with Heart

Why cool?  Dig those shades and dreadlocks!
This was everyone's favorite in our group.

Modern art totem pole

Nah -- Dead Tree in the park, colorized in Paint Shop Pro.
What the heck, I was photographing modern art, why not this tree?

A metal Pagasus pokes up on a path behind colorful tree branches.

Closer view.  Must be a street horse -- if those are blinders?

This work is just a closed-clam-shaped rock with a hole in it, but it would make a great carnival head target.
Judging by the dripped stain and contour it could have been called "Textures."

This metal hummingbird is neat.  I like the multiple-exposure wing motion effect.

Mary points out that you can have your name on a leaf plaque for a donation.  New since our previous visits.

At almost the same instant, by Harry

Final view back into the park as we exit.

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