Tall Ships in Bellingham Harbor
The Hawaiian Chieftain
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Posted August 9, 2008

We were fortunate that the Tall Ships were visiting Bellingham the week of our visit.  The two ships, Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington, were docked at the end of the main pier, ready for visitors free of charge.  Each day they set out to into Bellingham Bay for mock battles with a charge for being on board. 

Both ships were built to drawings from the swashbuckling era, but each to a different set so it was interesting to tour both ships.  I present these on two pages, Hawaiian Chieftain here and Lady Washington on a second page.

The Hawaiian Chieftain was on the near side as we approached.  It was overcast and drizzling.

Zoomed view of the bow end.

The aft end, with some overlap in the view.

Still closer view of the aft end

The other side of the aft end, viewed looking down from the Lady Washington

Harry at the tiller as one of the crew looks on

Many of the crew were young women, as is the girl working on the rigging here.

Outside view from the dock (taken later by Harry)

View forward from aft end

Another crew member works on the opposite-side rigging

Still another picture from about the same spot.  Harry is photographing the women crew.

Crew quarters in aft cabin (the circular spots are water drops on my camera's filter -- it was raining lightly).

This guy was cooking something yummy smelling in the galley.

On the bow was this 73-year-old crew member.

Bird's nest on the aft mast.
All the crew are required to climb to the bird's nests,
including the "old" guy above.
View aft from amidship

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