Peace Arch Park -- Part 1 of 2
Friday, August 1, 2008

Posted August 13, 2008

Peace Arch Park is worth a visit every year because the statues change and the beautiful landscaping stays the same but changes in detailed flower plantings.  This year was no disappointment.
Carol, Mary, and the Arch

The top of this stainless steel work looks like a swan from the park entry.

Nurture.  "The soft-lined structure and solid/void contrast is a metaphor of the grace of a pregnant lady."
Yau Kuen Lau, Hong Kong.  $50,000

Midnight Stomp.  Bronze, Pokey Park, Tucson, AZ,  $44,000

Mary admires New Guinea Impatiens

Mountain Cherry Tree.  Iron and Copper, Tony Hermanutz, Bellingham, $30,000

Mary and Carol check out Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc.  Tenino sandstone, columnar basalt, Beth Kalina, Seattle, WA, $7,500

Acrobat.  Dr. Beth Erez, Herzliva, Israel, $15,000
She must be an orthopedic surgeon to switch and arm and leg.

Diplomacy.  Tangled ball of wooden chairs, Julie Lindell, Seattle, WA, $5,000

Battle on the Field.  Created for the FIFA U2 International Competition in Victoria, BC
Bronze, Armando Barbon, Victoria, BC, $180,000

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