Thanksgiving in Bellingham
November 27, 2008

Posted December 4, 2008

Harry & Carol had a Thanksgiving feast for 22 people in Bellingham.  Before the turkey and ham were cold he sent nine pictures to me of folks at the feast.  I give them below along with Harry's brief descriptions and some explanation by me. There are 18 folks here, plus Harry and Carol.  Maybe "only" 20 at the event?  The Lindberg pikers had only 10 (thank goodness!).

I'm posting these pictures mainly to keep the California Lindbergs up to date on Harry's and Carol's family. Not all their family was at the gathering.  I'd fill you in on who's missing but I lost my list that Harry sent to me a couple years back.  I know for sure that Gloria's son Nate and wife Carol are missing, along with their daughters Alexandria and Destani, so I end with a picture of the girls in sister outfits taken way back at Christmas 2006.  At that age I know they must have changed markedly since then.

Hugh and Lea (Sherrie's Mom and her fella)
Sherrie is Steve's new wife, seen in the next picture.

Steve, Sherrie, and Sherrie's daughter Becka

A very pregnant Karen and her Dad (Don)
Karen is Joe's new wife.

Joe (he hasn't quite got Grandpa's "leer" down, yet)
Joe is Gloria's other son.

Vern and Otto .....who never let food go to waste

Pam and Gloria (poor shot)
They recently moved into Homer's old double wide two doors from Vern and Otto.

Diane, Glenn and Jessica
Is marriage coming soon?  Jessica is Diane's daughter with Jim.

Jessica (one of these days she'll come out of "hiding")

Jessie (Sherrie's other daughter) and her boyfriend A. J.
Alexandria and Destani, Christmas 2006

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