Nik's 18th Birthday
November 29, 2008

Posted December 1, 2008

Dave & Mickie and children Nik and Courtney came up to our Lake Wildwood home to join us for Thanksgiving on November 27 and stayed through Saturday, November 29, Nik's birthday.  Craig & Jodie and Tyler also joined us as did Julie.  That made ten of us to eat Mary's Thanksgiving turkey dinner, a modest number compared with the 22 folks who celebrated the day at Harry & Carol's in Bellingham.

I took no pictures on Thanksgiving day because I was busy learning how to use the Playstation 3 that Nik and Dave installed in our new TV system. However, I did take a few shots during the celebration of Nik's birthday.

Nik as he settles in to open his birthday presents

Nik liked this tee shirt from Julie.

Courtney was also taking pictures.

Dave enjoyed the event from the other couch as Mickie sat at the fireplace.

Closer view of Mickie

Mary looks over Nik's shoulder as he opens a keychain, in anticipation of Nik's upcoming driver's license.

She takes a closer look as Nik sees the keychain.

Nik and his big present from Mary and me -- a one terabyte external Firewire hard drive for his laptop

Craig came with a set of six electronic guns, but there was no time to play with them.
Jodie wasn't there because she drove down to see her dad who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Julie went home with a cold.

Nik doesn't like turkey, so this was his special day to celebrate with ham.

Mary, Courtney, and Tyler at the other end of the table.  The empty plate in the corner is my seat.

Mickie, Dave and Craig round out that end of the table.  The empty plate is my place.

This shot also shows our new 52" LCD TV in the background, with a picture of the palace in Budapest from our Europe trip.

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