Christmas 2008
At Lindberg's Lake Wildwood
Part 2 of 2 -- Barbara's Pictures

Posted January 6, 2009

Thank goodness Barbara likes to take pictures and took the responsibility of getting 14 family members to sit still for a few pictures.  Three of these are the grand finale of this page.
Step back before dinner -- Jodie and Mary making final preparations for the prime rib feast.

Craig waits with Nevada City Winery Sonata to enjoy.

Nadia and Nik with Courtney's kitten (unnamed as yet)

Barbara's take on the upside down girls

The kitten paws at Nadia and Maddie at the top of the stairs.

Jodie and Craig -- their 4th and final Christmas

What were the kids doing the next day?  Playing a racing game on our new PlayStation 3 and 52-inch TV.

Courtney racing against Maddie.  Nik and Courtney are the champions.

The Entire LWW Lindberg clan at the tree.  That's Julie's dog Harley on her lap.

Formal shot, close enough to recognize faces.
Top row: Andy, Craig, Nik, Dave, Mickie, Tyler
Middle row: Julie, Nadia, Courtney, Grandpa Herb
Bottom row: Barbara, Maddie, Jodie, Grandma Mary

The silly picture.  You can see we're big on rabbit ears, except for Craig with his finger up his nose.

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