A Sunday Tour of Julie's Apartment
Carmichael, CA
Taken March 29, posted March 31, 2009

Sunday was a beautiful day, but windy, not good for a picnic but perfect for a drive into Grass Valley and then through the scenery south on Hwy 49 to Rt. 80 and on to Julie's place.  Also, we were fresh out of Two Buck Chuck wine so we stopped on the way to pick up five cases at Trader Joe's in Roseville.
Julie and Mary walk back on Julie's street toward her apartment complex.

Julie lives in this group of apartments, but on the opposite side away from this main parking lot.

We passed the community washers and dryers along the walkway from front to rear, where Julie lives.

Julie opens her door as we arrive back at her unit. 
As you can see, there is no "rear" or "front" -- each side has front entrances to a set of apartments.

The first thing you see as you pass through the door is Julie's couch, and her kitchen behind it.

It's a decent-size kitchen, with one strange feature that Julie pointed out.  The ceiling fan is so close to the overhead cabinets that the blades would hit the doors if you opened them.  In fact, even with the fan not turning you have to move the blades as you open the doors! ...so Julie doesn't use the center cabinets.

Julie keeps her TV and tuner in this cabinet, and her DVDs in the two drawers at the bottom.
(This is the first piece of furniture I put together when we bought our house on Hummingbird Drive in Lake Wildwood.)

Julie keeps all her handy stuff in Mary's old sewing cabinet, which we bought early in our marriage.

Julie's living area from another angle.  She picked that nice little table out of the apartment dumpster!

The sleeping/utility area of the studio is a project in progress.  The closet on the left is huge, but filled with boxes of stuff Julie has not yet sold or trashed.  The clutter around the bed will disappear into the closet when the boxes are gone. Julie tells me the side table/bookshelf is the one I made when I was 15 years old at Farragut High School in Chicago.  Julie could use a headboard, preferably with bookshelf.

The other corner of the utility area is also in a state of flux, in part because the computer doesn't work.

The bathroom is a generous size, with the bath/shower behind this curtain.

Washbasin, mirror, and mirrored grooming cabinet.

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