Tyler's 12th Birthday
April 23, 2009

Posted April 25, 2009

All year Tyler looked as though he was 12 or 13, while he was only 11.  As of today he's officially 12, so the birthday gods are closer to the truth. As usual, Craig had hidden Tyler's presents, to be found by reading various clues, also hidden around the house. Tyler read clues and raced around the house so fast that all I saw were little slips of paper and then Tyler opening presents.
I managed to catch Tyler opening this present in the kitchen, with Mary, Jodie, Craig, and Courtney (hiding behind Mary).

Sub-sonic XP -- anyone know what that is?

Craig chuckles as Tyler follows him for the next clue, which was projected on the living room TV screen.

That clue led to a paper-written clue and thence to a big trunk in the sun room.

The trunk was full of protective gear.  Tyler may have been getting an inkling of the main present.

Don't know why we all stood on the front porch for awhile, but it was a nice photo-op.

Tyler still makes weird faces for the camera, every time if he can.

Craig, Tyler and Jodie scrambled down the hill beside the house to find this brand new motorcycle.
Meanwhile, Grandma Mary and Grandpa Herb finally figured out a longer but less steep route and arrived to see this.

By the time the old folks made their way toward their shallow-hill route, the younger generations 
were up on the driveway almost ready for Tyler's first lesson on a 5-gear, clutch motorcycle

Grandpa Herb continues taking pictures as he trails behind Grandma Mary.

Puffing away, Grandpa is finally close enough to get recognizable people into the pictures.

Craig shows Tyler the brake and clutch handles, and the gearshift at the left foot.

Tyler is almost ready to get on board for a solo ride.
Craig bought an old clunker for himself so he can be with Tyler as he learns. 
They rode around for about an hour and then again after dinner until the sun went down.

Meanwhile, Jodie finished preparing a dinner of soft tacos, rice, and a huge blue pan of baked veggies.
I'm going to continue saving Tyler muggings like this so I can embarrass him when he starts dating girls.

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