Bonfire at Craig and Jodie's
celebrating Nik's Nov. 29 Birthday
November 28, 2009

Posted January 10, 2010
All photos by Barbara Heninger

On the evening before Nik's birthday, Craig and Jodie invited those who came up for Thanksgiving (Nov. 26) to their house to have dinner and watch a bonfire in their back yard. We celebrated Nik's birthday as well. Barbara posted 88 (!) pictures on smugmug that she took at the bonfire, and told us about the posting in an email today. I tell a short story here with her pictures, with thanks to her for taking such memorable pictures.
Craig started the fire just before the sun went down. 
Here are Tyler (extreme left), Nik, Courtney, Maddie and Andy, with Craig and Jodie's house in the background.

Here is more of the family a short time later, lit mainly by the fire.

Nik, Courtney and Maddie enjoy the fire's heat on the cold evening.

Dave joins Craig (foot on right) in hauling tree trimmings to the fire.

Another view of Nik, Courtney and Maddie

Craig approaches the fire as it has grown to an impressive height.

Mary joins the close-in fire watchers.

Andy and Mickey (at left) also watch the fire.

Herb, Julie and Jodie sit farther up the hill toward the house.

Maddie's way cool hat almost hides her eyes.

Of course, the adults enjoyed some of Craig's fine wine.

From the other side you can see some of the scars on Herb's face
from mashing against the kitchen cabinets during his seizure two days earlier.

Nice shot of the fire shortly after Craig heaped on some tall, dry grass.

Barbara couldn't resist an arty shot of the fire reflected in Craig's glasses.
I like this shot of glowing embers with hot grass fire below.

Later, Nik opened a few of his presents, here an Apple iPod.

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