Dock Rot at the Lindberg Resort
Taken and posted September 4, 2010

Last month we noticed a surface plank dipping down on the shoreline end of the dock.  When we got into the water for a closer look we could see that the main beam on this side was severely rotted near its shoreline end.  I quickly decided the dock needed early repair before one of us stepped through the dock to face serious injury, or an entire portion of the dock collapsed.  After a more thorough inspection of the dock understructure, Jason McClelland ordered materials yesterday for an entire dock replacement and began tearing up the existing dock. 
The first stack of removed decking and rotted understructure. The severely rotted piece is the angle joist mentioned later.

Jason McClelland surveys the dock dismantling progress.

Rot in a main beam that alerted us to dock understructure rot.

Rotted joists attached to the beam

Status the next morning (today) at about 10 a.m.

Inside view of the rotted beam, upside down.  The rot extends almost the full depth of the beam and for a substantial length.

Closer view of the rot

Angle joist is completely rotted and about to fall into the lake.
The one on the other side did fall into the lake and is in the first photo.

This joist is rotted out from one end to the other. The cross beam next to it is severely rotted on its opposite face.

Closer view of the rotted joist. The angle joist at the inner edge of the dock fell into the lake while removing the decking.
Another close-up

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