Report to the Lake Committee
on Dock Rot From Excessive Wave Action

Photos taken mid September
Posted September 22, 2010

Last month we noticed a surface plank dipping down on the shoreline end of our dock.  When we got into the water for a closer look we could see that the main beam from the shore to the far end was severely rotted near its shoreline end.  I quickly decided the dock needed early repair before one of us stepped through the dock to face serious injury, or an entire portion of the dock collapsed.  Below are a few pictures of the rot during disassembly. 

The original dock was completed in 1998.   The only things salvageable were the six steel piling posts with their steel saddle tops for the main four beams extending over the lake.  Total cost to replace the dock to essentially its original configuration was $6,677.

Dock inspection after partial disassembly

Severely rotted main beam (resting on piling saddle)

Same corner.  Rotted joists attached to the beam above, and rotted cross beam close to water 

Same main beam (upside down) after disassembly (cut in two during disassembly)

Closer view of rotted beam

Rotted angle joist attached to an inner main beam and cross beam.
All of the joists from the shoreline end of the main beams to the center saddles were rotted, some to near zero strength.

Rotted cross beam and joist. The angle joist at the inner edge of the dock fell into the lake while removing the decking.
(This joist, and several other rotted parts, were quickly retrieved from the lake.)

The severely rotted board is the angle joist that is missing in the above picture

Global view of rotted cross beam and joists

Close-up of rotted cross beam and joists

Closer view after the decking was removed
A main beam farther out into the lake

Same beam, upside down after disassembly (shoreline half)

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