Christmas 2010
At Lindberg's Lake Wildwood
Part 1 of 2

Posted January 4, 2011

Our Christmas in Lake Wildwood began with the arrival of Julie on Christmas Day for a quick celebration. Then Dave, Mickie, Nik and Courtney arrived on December 26 and Barbara and Maddie on December 27. Andy and Nadia arrived on December 28, after a visit to a doctor to treat Nadia's bronchitis (following a virus infection picked up during her visit to India, after her trip to Brazil). Julie returned on December 28 for our full-family Christmas, recorded here.
Our tree on Christmas Eve

Courtney opens her new iPod, from Grandpa and Grandma.

Nadia, in an interesting perch, as she often does

Andy observes Nadia opening a present.

Hat, scarf, and mittens -- much needed in Boston where she's doing her thesis (computer security software, I think!)

Fully displayed

Meanwhile, Dave takes movies, Mickie Plays games on her computer, and Julie looks on.

That little camera takes medium or high-definition movies, at user's choice.  Amazing!

Barbara helps Mary look at a photo album I printed for her.

More action

Julie and Mary, with dining room and kitchen beyond

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