Short Visit to Whatcom Falls Park
Derby Pond and Fish Hatchery
July 25, 2012

2012 Herbert E. Lindberg

The cooling rain, such a welcome relief from the triple digit temperatures at Lake Wildwood, let up enough for a short visit to Whatcom Falls and its beautiful, short, trails and peaceful pond.  We first visited the falls and hiked along the river but I didn't take any pictures that were better than I already have from previous years.  I begin here with a picture of Derby Pond near the top of the falls and then show a few pictures from our walk half way around the pond and back.

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Derby Pond near the top of Whatcom Falls (out of view on the left),
is a popular place for legal fishing by children 14 years and younger.

As in previous years, contented ducks cruised the pond.
I believe this is a female Mallard but Carol questioned that.

Mary, Carol, and Harry most of the way along the trail on the right side of the pond.

Couldn't resist photographing these Himalayan Blackberry blossoms.  They grow profusely everywhere in Washington state. 

Benched, No. 1.  I couldn't help notice that in these very senior years none of us could resist sitting on any and all benches that appeared.  I'm going to number the ones I photographed, which are just a fraction of those we sat on.

Father, sons, dog, and ducks: telephoto of the opposite side of the lake.

Harry in the woods just above Whatcom Falls near Derby Pond.

Roots, ferns, rock, and moss at the base of the above tree.

Fish at the hatchery.

Harry poses at one of several informational paintings at the hatchery.

Benched No. 2,  at the hatchery while I was photographing this and that.


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