Peace Arch Park
Part 1 of 2, July 26, 2012

2012 Herbert E. Lindberg

We didn't do much sight seeing during this year's visit to Bellingham, but we did make the drive to Peace Arch Park because we know it is different every year.  We weren't disappointed.

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We were greeted by this unchanged entry planter but with its new flowers and new centered sculpture, "FF4." Harry and Carol were too much in a hurry to see I don't know what to take time for us to explore this sculpture in detail.  Most likely their legs were aching and they were too polite to complain.

Closer view of the sculpture which, according to the brochure, is a water fountain made of stainless steel.

By the time I caught up with Harry he was just about through viewing the rose garden.

Carol and Mary were long gone by the time I viewed the rose garden
and approached this sculpture, "The Earth is our Mother," in cast aluminum.

I had time only to take a quick close-up before rushing to catch up with the others.  It was only much later when I edited this photo that I realized there was a baby inside the earth.  If you look closely you can see part of the face at the bottom of the U.S. cutout and its hand near the top.  You can see both much better in the larger image (click on the picture).  This sculpture surely warranted closer inspection and other photographs viewing inside the earth.

Everyone took much more time with this wide open creation called "Canadian Gothic, Spaghetti Fork,"
a play on the painting "American Gothic" of a man and wife with a pitchfork.

The creation sans people.

The creation with Harry and Herb shaking two of its hands.

The hillside with beautiful new flowers.

Closer view of the patterned marigolds.

Standard picture of the pond, bridge, and Peace Arch Park sign in the background.

Harry on the bridge, lighting too stark.

Another attempt -- oh well, it's a good memory.

Completely different flowers frame the Peace Arch Park sign this year (see also below).

Close-up of the flowers shows their intricate beauty.

More global view shows the integrated beauty created by the landscape gardeners.


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