Family Dinner at Harry and Carol's
Part 1 of 2, July 28, 2012

2012 Herbert E. Lindberg

On the final evening of our visit with Harry and Carol in Bellingham, WA, they invited nearby family members to one of Carol's wonderful family dinners.  This was a great opportunity to take a few pictures of family we don't see often and are hardly every seen by the Herb Lindberg family. 

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Don't forget to close the separate tab (or tabs) as you go along so you don't clutter up your browser with a lot of open tabs.

Two pots of Carol's lilies bloomed during our week's stay.

Closer view (especially in the larger-size image obtained by clicking on the image here).

Carol's flowers along with the neighbor's were a beautiful setting for afternoon gin and tonic.

Gloria's son Joe with wife Karen, a mechanical engineer (hurrah!).

Gloria's partner Pam.

Another quick shot of Pam.

Harry plays with great granddaughter Sydney as Grandma Gloria and Dad Joe look on.

Carol, Gloria, Joe, and Harry, who was saying something, as usual.

Same group, sans Harry's animated expression.

I finally took off my glasses to see that I had enough wide angle to get Karen in the photo.

I got into the picture as Mary clicked this shot, with little Sydney squeezing in the middle.

What a happy group!


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