Ken and Peggy's Home on Fox Hollow Road
in Sequim, Washington
July 29, 2012

2012 Herbert E. Lindberg

Mary and I have visited Peggy Pattison and Ken Robertson many times at their beautiful home on Fox Hollow Road in Sequim, WA, but it had been a long time since I toured the neighborhood with my camera.  Much is still the same and much has changed.

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One of many beautiful views toward Sequim from their deck.  Years ago these views were obscured by a multitude of trees and brush until Ken negotiated with the city council to make the area more beautiful by selectively removing some trees and most of the brush.  I can't imagine the effort in doing this, even with help from another guy.  That's Vancouver Island and Victoria in the far background.

One of Peggy's hanging baskets (on right) and the view toward their neighbor's on the left.

Their attractive home with our car parked on their access loop from Fox Hollow Road.

Same scene from another angle.

Part of their front landscaping in the generous space on the left side of their home.

Another view after stepping into the area.  The clump of trees on the right belong to Ken and Peggy.
The clump on the left belong to their neighbor, Gary Huff.

Zoom to the landscaping farther from Fox Hollow Road.  All in the distance is part of Gary Huff's place.

Back up on the half-ellipse driveway.  This scene is beautiful now but
spectacular when the rhododendrons and azaleas are in bloom. 

Gary Huff's front landscaping -- the entire neighborhood is well designed and maintained like this.

Ken and Peggy's side landscaping, with their rear wrap-around deck on the right (you can see the hanging basket that was in an earlier picture) and their generous garage in back.  Ken designed the garage to hold his automotive toys -- high speed BMW (Ken is a professional race driving instructor), Harley motorcycle, Peggy's motor tricycle, a first class pickup truck, special trailer to haul some of these toys on trips, classic gas pump, complete automotive tools, and more I can't remember.

Main entry at right of the house, plus right side landscaping.  The neighboring lot on this side is vacant.

Closer view of the beautiful entry doors, with brass at base to minimize scratches from Peggy's small dog Crystal.  Crystal is the most intelligent and well-behaved dog I've ever met, due mainly to Peggy's excellent training.  She's also a show dog and has many prizes to her credit, including best of show at national as I recall.  With all of this, Crystal is also the most friendly, gentle and loving dog I know.


Full-out 200x1.6=320 mm telephoto down Fox Hollow from near Ken and Peggy's home.
The mountains in the far background are in nearby Olympic National Park.


One of many spectacular homes and landscaping on Fox Hollow Road,
this one across the street not far up the road from Peggy and Ken's


Some species of lavender as part of a home's landscaping.


This mansion was pretty much at the very top of Fox Hollow Road
with uninterrupted views of Vancouver and San Juan Islands.


Meanwhile, across the street new landscaping is growing at another mansion.


Same landscaping from opposite direction, with Vancouver Island and Victoria in the far background.


These interesting, brilliant yellow seed pods were part of Gary Huff's front landscaping.
They gave off heavy aromatic dust to which I was severely allergic -- didn't stay here long!


I photographed this gorgeous flower basket on Gary's front porch as we chatted.


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