Mountains and Flowers at Hurricane Ridge
July 30, 2012

2012 Herbert E. Lindberg

It had been many years since Ken and Peggy drove us to Hurricane Ridge, so we decided to revisit the ridge and its beauty during our second day with them.

You can click on any of the pictures to open a larger image in a separate tab.  Note that when your cursor is over the larger image the cursor becomes a "magnifying glass."  Click to see the image in full size, centered on the cursor position.  Right click on the image to bring up a menu from which you can save the image to your hard drive.  I strongly suggest that you put your web browser into full screen (if you have a computer screen large enough that this makes a difference).

Don't forget to close the separate tab (or tabs) as you go along so you don't clutter up your browser with a lot of open tabs.

Ken wanted a picture of himself with snowcapped mountains in the background,
so here it is, suitable for framing when you click out to the full-size version.

Then Ken took a few of me.  This one is mostly of the beautiful mountains and low-lying clouds.

I was a bit too small in his first try so he zoomed in a bit for this one.  Nice, but the mountains aren't dramatic.

Third try was a charm, after a bit of photo editing to bring out the drama.  Thank you Ken!

Then we were off to one of the many trails not too far from the Visitor Center.  Here's a bit of Lupine.

Lupine and some neat white fuzzy stuff (that's a technical term).

Mountains and a valley full of clouds as seen from the trail.

Very pretty pendulous yellow flower, almost like street lamps.

Close-up of the ant on the nearest blossom.

I liked these isolated red flowers but had to focus manually -- my old eyes don't do that well.

I focused on the red flowers, so the blue bells were out of focus but pretty.

This is a very interesting flower made of umbels of umbels, like modern fireworks but without the sizzle.


Just before we left for our goodbye breakfast at their favorite restaurant, I ask Ken and Peggy to pose for this shot.


A quick second shot.  As usual, I like the first one better.
The breakfast was wonderful and we had a safe first-day drive home direct from the restaurant.


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