Hughes Fellows Meet in Westlake Village
September 4-8, 2012

2012 Herbert E. Lindberg

For many years, Walt, Dick and I have been getting together the first week of September to renew friendships developed in 1952 to 1954 while we were Fellows at Hughes Aircraft Co. in Culver City, CA.  Dick and Walt stayed together longer, after I left for Stanford and the Bay Area in September, 1954, but eventually we all became separated by distance as we moved from one engineering assignment to another.  This is the 60th Anniversary of accepting a Hughes Fellowship in Howard Hughes' first Masters Degree class.

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Morning ritual -- Dick and Walt work out crossword puzzles.

Lorraine had made copies of a series of puzzles of various kinds and put the sheets on the table.

Walt's typical expression of emphasis.

Next morning -- another puzzle.  Dick says he works them out early every morning when his brain is fresh.

Meanwhile, Herb relaxes between sessions of reading Budianski's book, Battle of Wits

On our last evening, Hazel had invited nearby offspring of Walt and Dick for visiting and dinner.
Here Walt and Hazel's daughter-in-law Lynnette plays paper, sissors, rock with her daughter Serena.

Close up with Serena.

Serena is only 6 and a natural entertainer -- look at those hands!

Crop into the above picture for a close-up.

Couldn't resist another picture of this charmer.

Hazel with her ready smile -- another charmer.

Lynnette at the Jacuzzi pool -- a photographer's dream.

Walt and Hazel's son John with daughter Serena and wife Lynnette.


John teaches Serena how to float.


Serena -- constant motion.


Hazel and Mary, a happy pair.


Dick with daughter Sherrie.


Dick yelled, "Sunset" so I turned and snapped.


Los Tres Amigos -- Herb, Walt, Dick.


Bigger smiles, closer shot.


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