Thank You Party at Gary and Nancy Zirelli's
June 27, 2015

2015 Herbert E. Lindberg

The Zirellis host the Puf Caps (Pacific Union Financial Capitalists) baseball team, managed by their son Mike, when they play against a team in Yuba City.  Nancy contacts about a dozen couples who generously open their homes to team members.  On Saturday, June 27, after the teams had completed this year's two games in Yuba City, Gary and Nancy put on an exceptional dinner party for the host couples.  We were privileged to host two coaches, Tony and Pete, so I can report that the team won both of their games against a team that had previously won 19 games with only one loss.  Now they have three losses.

Briefly, the Pacific Union Financial Capitalists, managed by Mike Zirelli, are a nation-wide, elite traveling baseball team that competes in one of the top collegiate baseball leagues in the country (the California Collegiate League). The team is comprised of top recruits, all entering Division-1 schools (e.g, several to Stanford) next Fall, each of which has earned a baseball scholarship. The goal of the coaching staff is to provide players the best opportunity to be successful when entering college and ultimately, to be recognized as the top summer baseball program for incoming collegiate players in the country. To accomplish this goal, the CAPS will play 40+ games in 50 days and compete exclusively against top collegiate teams.

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Formal table settings on the Zirelli Beach

Another angle, with the Zirelli boat dock on the far left.

Gary greets us as we enter from the rear after crossing our yard and his.

Gary prepared and served generous drinks all evening while Nancy directed caterers inside.

The beautiful view from the Zirelli side deck on the opposite side from our home.

Formal table settings viewed from cocktail party on upper deck.

That's Pam Sykes on the right and Kalli in the center.
(Sorry about not being able to remember names on this and the remaining pictures.  Please e-mail me with missing names,

Kalli, Pam Sykes, ..

Pam Sykes, .. , Denise Benevento

Fernando, ..

Again, they introduced themselves but I couldn't write anything down.


HDR (high dynamic range) shot of Kalli

Cyndi Mlack and Fernando

Cyndi Mlack

Mary Lindberg, Kathy Hinman and new person who just moved to Lake Wildwood from 100 miles outside of Anchorage, AL

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