50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Hawaii
July 21 to 30, 2006

Page 5 -- Boogie Boarding
Posted August 7, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

After the morning's violent bouncing during our trip to Molokini, we all went to the beach at the Elua Village to relax.  Evidently boogie boarding is a piece of cake after zodiac rolling and pitching.

Barbara, Maddie and Andy relax, with Elua units and Marriott hotel in the background.

Barbara catches a wave that slips by Nik and Tyler.

Tyler, Nik, Courtney and Barbara all kicking in vain for a wave.

Nik and Tyler have greater success on this wave.

Nik catches a later wave, and ...

... rides it to the sand with Barbara.

Nik and Tyler barely miss this wave as Barbara catches it.

But all three catch this one.

Craig demonstrates his on-elbows technique.

A more interesting wave.

Meanwhile, Jodie enjoys the waves from shore.

Crop into the above picture.  Great REI hat!
Better life through healthy living -- Mozart at this age had been dead 10 years!

The rest of this afternoon, and another evening, were spent building sand castles.  The Harrison Hot Springs Sand Castle Competition is in no danger, but we had fun!

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