50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Hawaii
July 21 to 30, 2006

Page 6 -- Sand Castles
Posted August 8, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

As the boogie boarding activity died down some of the family began digging in the sand and pushing it into shapes.  The temptation is irresistible.  Tyler's favorite sand building activity is not to build but to smash.  It seemed reasonable, then, that he chose to dig holes and mound sand right where the water washes them away.

Tyler smashes his structure with help from a wave.

Here Tyler is building again, with Nik, while watching a big wave approach.

Swoosh, there goes Tyler's structure, and he's obviously happy about it.

Down the beach a way Craig has selected higher ground, and has also built a protective dam.

Looks like he's made an alligator and is now working on sand legs for himself as Barbara helps.

Horrors, the alligator has bitten off one of Craig's legs!

Poor Craig, fades away from loss of blood.

The alligator attacked because Craig has one of her eggs in his hand.
She has four more behind her in a nest to protect.

Yes, that's Craig's foot in her mouth, and his bloated leg lies in the bog.  Look at those sharp teeth!
Oh all right, the theme is sick and the art sloppy -- what do you expect in a half hour?

Jodie, Mary, Nadia and Jan were more interested in just enjoying the waves and scenery.

Crop into Nadia in the above picture.  Did you ever see such sculpted features and peaches and cream complexion?

I repeat, the Harrison Hot Springs Sand Castle Competition is in no danger, but we had fun!  This was Wednesday.  On the Monday prior I walked around Elua Village and took in its beauty with my camera.

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